2022 Croatian Company Alfatec's Most Successful Year Yet

By 14 March 2023
2022 Croatian Company Alfatec's Most Successful Year Yet
Slavko Midzor/PIXSELL

March the 14th, 2023 - The Croatian company Alfatec announced its business results for the past year last week, and it's clear to see that 2022 was the company's most successful yet.

As Poslovni Dnevnik writes, just last week, the Croatian company Alfatec announced its business results for the past year in front of a group of journalists at the Wespa Spaces premises in the City of Zagreb at the first #1 Alfatec Press Brunch.

As well as announcing a very successful 2022, a short retrospective of Alfatec's 30+ years of existence was givem. 33 years ago, Drago Kornfeld started the Croatian company Alfatec as a family company with a mere three employees, which quickly positioned itself as one of the most successful domestic IT companies on the now absolutely blossoming scene.

In just the past year, the Croatian company Alfatec's financial results have grown by a very impressive 80 percent, and all of this is a positive example of a successful generational change from father to son, which is a unique example in the Republic of Croatia. The past year has also been significant in terms of the personnel expansion of Alfatec, where the number of employees increased by more than 30% with a 10% salary increase to boot.

Many new employees also came through student fairs where Alfatec is present every year (FER, FOI and PMF).

Kristina Simac, the financial director of the Croatian company Alfatec, confirmed that the year 2022 was one of the most successful in the history of this company.

"In the past year, our revenues increased by about 80%, and exports grew by 65%. Together with those set for this year, the investments will amount to more than half a million euros," Simac pointed out. Despite the negative trends being experienced across the IT industry, where this year started with intense layoffs, the Croatian company Alfatec plans to work intensively on additional personnel reinforcements in the form of data engineers, machine learning engineers, full stack developers and other similar experts.

Even more export growth is also planned for Alfatec, where growth is predicted across all business segments with an emphasis being placed on the export of its own solutions.

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