Sinković Brothers Secure Another European Gold Medal!

Sinković Brothers Secure Another European Gold Medal!
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May 28, 2023 - The Sinković brothers have done it again, this time winning the gold medal at the European Championships in Bled!

Croatian rowers Martin and Valent Sinković won the gold medal at the European Championships in Bled on Sunday morning.

In the doubles final, the Sinković brothers won yet another European gold with a time of 6:07.00, which is a record at the European Championships. In a great finish, they left the Italians Luca Rombladi and Matteo Sartori behind (6:08.25). The bronze was won by the Dutch crew, made up of Stefan Broenink and Melwin Tweellar (6:10.74).

Sisters Josipa and Ivana Jurković were also in the medal fight in the coxless pairs category. The Croatian rowers took fourth place in the final with a result of 7:08.55. The gold was won by the Romanian crew with a time of 6:56.40. The silver was won by the Dutch crew (6:57.56), and the bronze was taken by the Spanish crew (7:03.56).

The Croatian rowing sisters started the race well. Before the last 500 meters, they held third, but in the end, the Spanish rowers stepped up, leaving the Jurković sisters without a medal.

Brothers Anton and Patrik Lončarić performed in the B final today and were tenth overall. They were fourth in their group with a time of 6:38.46, while the Swiss team, including Roman Roeoesli and Andrin Gulich won the gold (6:22.34).

Damir Martin is 11th overall after finishing fifth in the B singles final with a time of 7:25.88. 

Source: 24 Sata

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