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Getting around Zagreb by Bus

By 9 January 2017

In addition to trams lines, which mainly connect the internal, flat centre of the city, there are also buses, taking you through hilly parts of town, or to other towns within the Zagreb County, like Velika Gorica or Zaprešić, as well as to municipalities of Bistra Luka, Stupnik, and Klinča Sela.


The ticketing system is the same as for trams.


There are 138 day lines and 4 night lines.


You can find info and departure times of buses by clicking on day buses or night buses. There are several hubs (terminals) where buses depart from. The busiest ones are Črnomerec, Dubec, Dubrava, Glavni kolodvor (the Main Railway Station), and Savski most.


Let’s look at the line 231 (Borongaj - Dubec) to illustrate how you should plan your trips within Zagreb.


If you click on the line, you will get a list of all departure times from Borongaj (on the left), and from Dubec (on the right) for that day. You can change the date by clicking on the appropriate date in the drop down menu next to “Raspored vožnji za” section. The departures are less frequent on weekends, especially on Sundays, so always check departure times for that specific day. The departure times on holidays are the same as on Sundays.


Next, if you click on a specific departure time, let’s say 09:00, you will see the list of all the stops that this bus makes on its route, as well as specific times when it should reach each.


If you don’t have a phone with you, or if you’re out of data, you can always download and print a useful PDF version of each line’s schedule.


Below the name of each of the terminal, there’s also a PDF list, for our line it’s Trase autobusnih linija terminala Borongaj, where you can see a visual representation of all the stops as well.


Combining this and an interactive map available on EasyWay should provide you with enough information about when and where you should get on and off the bus. You can always ask the driver or someone on the bus, people generally speak enough English to understand and answer your question.


Most bus drivers will only let you in through the front door, because this way they can also check your ticket. Be careful if you want to stop and get off, because unlike trams, the buses won’t stop unless you push the Stop button next to the exits. The driver needs time to stop the bus, so make sure to push the button in advance, before you actually reach the stop where you wish to get off.


You should also bear in mind that bikes are not allowed in buses or trams. Small pets (30 cm max.) should be in appropriate carriers or transport boxes, while bigger dogs should have a muzzle and be on a short leash.


Same as for the trams, you can call +385 72 500 400 for more information, and email inquiries can be made via this form.

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